Steve L

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2003-01-15 22:20:35 (UTC)

what my life is like

most of the day I have nothing good to think about
so I thik of my girl firnd. There are some time that I
think that I have no life I just sit here at home all week
but for the passed month I have been going out. I went over
to my girl friend's house last week and I am going to go
there this weekend and learn Hangul. I am have ing troble
on how to change word for english to Hangul but I hope this
week and I will be able to unerstand it. My life has change
I had been doing the same thing ever day since I had
brocken up with my last girl friend wich she was a bitch to
me. I did not want to go out with any more girl unitl are
bootcamp and AIT but then I meet the Girl I am going out
with now. At first I did not want to talk to her but my
friend was buging me so I ask if I had see ur some here
else and that how we begain talking. Aabout a week later I
went laser taging with her and some other people. After
that I went with her to this guy's house witch there was
about 10 people there well me and her where goofing around
and her glasses brock I feel bad but she still wanted tp
goof around and well it got late and she took me home and
we stop at Subway for her sister and well we are in the
parking lot and we start goofing around and we end up
huging and then we kiss each other. That is how I got
intered in her and it took another week for me to ask her