Life is Too Short to eat Bad Pasta!!
2001-09-11 09:23:33 (UTC)


Oh how I always wish I am born SMART! I hate it when I
can't answer any questions when I've studied. Well, maybe I
didn't try hard enough to study!! hmm...
Can't blame myself. My 'brother' came down for the weekend
and we all went out to eat after bible study. It was fun
actually. Everybody came with new haircuts and all.
Including Tim and Steven hehehe... Steven looks cute in
this recent haircut!
Just saw someone with a really good flash project.
ooohhh...just feel like doing one equally good. But I am
just not up to it! Too bad. How I wish, I can do it. Well,
it all still boils down to self determination!

Just finished my quiz actually. For my Computer
Organization. This is the one I say I screwed up badly.
Oh...gosh. I feel so totally bad. Nvm, I have a quiz this
thursday and I plan to aim well. hehehe....I STILL have to
go and take my Operating Systems paper. Pllllssss....tell
me to stop worrying. feeling a lil' hungry. Oh well, so much for
chewing gums. For those who have read what I said earlier,
you'll know what I am talking about. For those who haven't,
oh what the heck, i'll tell you now! I ate chewing gum for
lunch! kapish?

Am planning to start my own website, and my own journal.
Hope you people might come and see my site when it's done.
Will give you all further notice about it. Like I said,
I've projects to be done! So far, I haven't start a single

Oh...gotta go. Take care ya'll!!