Nowhere man please listen. . . .
2003-01-15 22:14:27 (UTC)

January 15, 2003 - Jimmy wikid nice kid

Ok so, the other day I met this kid.

I call him Jimmy wikid nice kid, cuz I can't remember
his last name fer the life of me. So this is wat happened-
Me and Jenny were walking to English and we were just
talking you know- blah blah blah. And we notice that this
kid has been holding the door open for us.

Now i was VERY impressed, becuase you don't see that a
lot now a days. So me and Jenny say our thank you's to
him and just sorta look at each other like- omigosh! So
we ran up to him and we told him just how impressed we
were that he was such a nice kid. He just smiled and
said "Your welcome girls" and continued to tell us how he
knew a lot about girls since there were only two things he
really knew about anyway... Which was trucks, and girls.

I found him to be very amusing, and VERY interesting.
Later, after class, me and Jenny saw him once more. We
ran up to him and thanked him again fer being SUCH a
gentleman. I then informed that i would probably be
thanking him fer the next week. He smiled and turned to
me replying- "well then if thats the case, I should tell
you that my name is Jim."

Ah HA! So this mysterious gentleman had a name! Jim
what? I proceeded to ask. He yelled to me his last name
but I failed to hear it becuase we had gotten torn apart
in the shuffle of other students making their way into
kemp hall. (I found out later today that his last name is
shmuck or schutz or somethin crazy like that) So
therefore, I will NEVER remember his last name for the
life of me, thus giving him the name- Jimmy wikid nice kid.

So this morning I saw the Jim-ster hanging around in the
hallways. We hung out fer a little, and I learned that he
was a FRESHMAN! I mean, i don't really care but i just
found it so strange that he was- I dunno he wasn't
freshman-like at all. He doesn't look like a freshman
either- he is very tall. (Or taller than me, but then
again a lotta people are!) As i chatted with him I
pointed him out to some of my friend, introducing him as
Jimmy wikid nice kid, and telling them how he was the
nicest kid that i'd met at this school yet. I was told by
my BFF to not talk to him cuz he was a wikid loser.

I told her that his name was Jimmy wikid nice kid and
NOT Jimmy wikid mean kid.

She's still my BFF though. :)

I don't care if people thinks he's a loser. I think
he's so polite, and he's just doin' his own thing. I
think i'll make him my new BF...


The biggest enigma in my life, known as Mathew Chaput,
still leaves me puzzled.

I've decided that I will never figure this guy out.
It's just that sometimes he digs me, and I have to be
ready and alert for when that moment will spontainiously
pop up, and when he's not interested in me at the time- I have
to learn to just give him his space I guess.

Last week at this time he was VERY interested.

This week- I'm not so lucky.

The intrest level has obviously dropped fer the time
being (which depresses me some I suppose) and I just have
to give him some time and looooooots of space. I am not
to try to start any conversations, or make any eye
contact. (but sometimes I can't help it) I just have to
wait until he rediscovers me again (mind you he's been
fergetting and rediscovering me on and off now since
October) then we'll see what happens.

Until then- 2 weeks (14 days exactly) until Matt
Chaputs 17th birthday

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