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2001-09-11 08:54:38 (UTC)

Toilet not being available...

Right, so i'm like in my new job and i'm sitting here.
I've just started like a week ago. I'm working in
Skateline. It's some sort of a company which specialises in
roller blades and teaching.
Anyway, they just opened a branch in East Coast Park. Sure,
it's a cooshy job...
My weekdays are filled with my staring at the sandy
beaches, enjoying the sea breeze, getting close with
beautiful people in their swimming costumes.
But the bad thing about this place is that the toilet's
like 50 metres away.
That's not far...i agree...but i'm all alone in this shop
and there's no one to help me look after it while i go to
the toilet.
It's really bad.
I need to really go and pee but i can't!!
Worse thing is that the toilet that's 50 metres away is
horribly dirty.
Have you ever watched Trainspotting ? The one that featured
that scottish guy...whasisname...
The one that acted in Moulin Rouge...
well..try and recall the scene of the dirty toilet.
Okay...maybe i'm exageratting just a bit..but it's nearly

The nearest cleanest toilet is like 1 or 2 km away.

So, this is how i start Tuesday...
A very urgent need to pee.
It's a pity i'm not a guy.