chevs life
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2003-01-15 21:43:59 (UTC)

Never Get Your Hopes Up...

I'll warn you right now that what you're about to read is
not in any way happy so if you're in a good mood I suggest
you don't read it cuz I'm in a raging kind of mood.

I have no idea why I even wanted to go back to school. The
first day I loved all my classes was so convinced that
this semester was gonna be awesome but I guess I was being
a little to naive for my own good.

Honestly, I hate almost every class I'm in. Math just
sucks to start off with. Like, does ANYONE really like
math in the first place.

Then IP, (TI for me... gotta love being French - oh look,
there's something else to complain about. I'm definitely
on a roll) once I say that Mr. Morin's my teacher, I
really don't need to explain how much it sucks. I
threatened to kill him yesterday because he was being a
jerk, not that that's uncommon with him.

Drama would be good if more of my friends were in it...
it's really hard to be comfortable with a bunch of people
you hardly know and that have already formed their clicks.
Same kind of goes for English. If I wasn't beside Rosetta,
I'd be a loner.

I've told myself every day that things will get better but
they just keep getting worst. I don't want to lose all
hope but with the way things are going it's hard to
believe that there still is any.

I'm really thinking I need an anger management and a
stress management class before I do something extremely
stupid. Dear God!