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2001-02-16 11:39:33 (UTC)

there you go, rain!! not just a..

there you go, rain!! not just a drissle, oh no lots of the
stuff, like we haven't had enough of the stuff in this
country already in recent months!
do people actually read these things? i am not sure why i
started but i will go on.
i'm at work tonight, 10pm til 8am, lucky me! i am on with
sicknote and someone i shall just call "the Milkmaid"
when i first started working there i thought all the
milkmaid ever did was moan about things that normally you
wouldn't waste your time and efffort on, i used to hate half
an hour or so when our shifts overlapped as they would the
longest and most uncomfortable thirty minutes of the day,
but now i too am on nights i have grown to like her a lot,
she says what's on her mind and she is always delighted to
see Princess in a morning, even though there are twenty-four
years between us we have become quite close, always open
with each other and pay an interest in each others lives
without being intrusive unlike sicknote, i think the trust
day-shift has for me is re-enforced with the fact that i
spend most nights with the milkmaid or is it that fact that
the milkmaid is fifty-one??

i have decided that i shall invite the milkmaid and her
hubby to our wedding, which will probably cause controversy
amongst my collegues but i don't care as the milkmaid would
be there for us unlike the rest who would be there for the
free drinks..