Missing U
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2003-01-15 21:16:01 (UTC)

we WON

Great double digit win last night! Thank u God!
I am waking up from an incredible dream. Allan Houston
falling in love with me, Howard Eisley kissing me, 846
realizing he needs me, wonderful!
Last night I was listening to "Missing You" by Case my
anthem for Joe in like 7th grade. The whole debacle with
Danielle and everything made the song fit sort of. The
Danielle was like I think u liked Joe last year in the
beginning. I said no cuz I did like Richter. But in all
actuality I never thought about it. My mind frame was I
miss the 7th grade me. I had guys and good grades and
everything was simple. But I am happier now. I didn't like
Joe in 8th grade I just missed having someone's arm around
me. I felt rejected. This is probably why I rushed in w
Eion and Steve. I just wanted a boyfriend. I am kind of
sorry that I could be so shallow but I am happy that I am
beginning to deal with it. Hey, I'm growing up now and I
need to stop determining my value by how many guys I can
have in a year. I'm really not like that. Don't get me
wrong I do miss having a boyfriend but not that much. I am
doing fine. I've got Mi Chicas and My MeNT so I am pretty
I'm getting my hair done on Monday or Sunday. Yay! I
want something red so bad. I'm probably going to get a
different size too. Something smaller and straighter or
maybe a wave. Whatever...
God please I really want my Eisley jersy. I hope my dad
isn't like "I'll order it " and ends up not. I will take
the credit card myself and order it. I want the orange
swaetshirt too. I could live in the NBA store it is so

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