My Sad Sad shit..
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2003-01-15 20:59:04 (UTC)

the me page

Today was a pretty normal day.. I suppose yesturday took
all the shit and oddness of today. or maybe im speaking too
soon and jinxing myself.. oh well. ive never fully
explained myself.. just incase someone decides to be
interested enough to read this garbage. Any who.. My name
is Saira.. and im 16, I live in a shitty town called santa
clarita. I go to continuation school.. im in 11th.. but
have the credit count of a 10th grader. i dont like to
catigorize myself or others.. that dosnt mean i wont all
you a dity ame if you piss me off... but i dont believe in
saying "hi, im saira.. im a punk rocker/goth/raver/whore
etc. But i suppose for lack-of-picture-sake.. i dress
differently.. i wear hot topic shit mixed with hollister
shit.. and lots of stuff i made myself or stole from old
friends' little brothers or sisters. i love music.. all
kinds.. !!.except country.!! bands i like.. radio head
SUBLIME old old incubus (science)