Davey Pavey

tears in waves, minds on fire, nights al
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2001-09-11 07:35:22 (UTC)

Concord Ambiance

Concord Ambiance

A window half closed reveals a noise
Of lonely girls and lonely boys

A sound of rushing waves departs
A crooked man to his fiend he harks

Walls scream with silent cries
Across the way a baby sighs.

The baby’s mother left him there
With nothing but a sheet to wear.

The crayon scratches on the wall
Sea lings reaching seven foot tall.

A computer sits upon the desk
Where a beggars bed once did rest

The child’s sighs have faded away
But here forever he shall stay.

Walking down the highest peak
A wicked bum does try to speak.

His voice trembles owe so much
His body cowers from your touch.

His face wears time
All his life without a dime.

He wears your doubt
Of which this life is all about.

A window half-open reveals the sound
Of lovely children playing with the ground.

Well, there it is. The best I could do. And I don' think
it's supposed to rhyme...awell. nite