A LiL WanKstaZ LiFe
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2003-01-15 18:54:41 (UTC)

Is He Worth It?

2day wus one of those days wen a person feels lonely
inside. I really love Hans and i can't see myself w/o him.
I'm constantly thinkin about him and i can't seem 2 get him
off my mind. Sometimez i ask myself...Is he really worth my
love? Bcus all he does w/ my heart is destroys it! I've bin
abused by him...not only emotionally but physically as
well. He's hurt me in so many ways u wuldnt believe!
About 2 weeks ago we were arguing and he pushed me and i
fell 2 tha floor. And just 2days ago we were arguing and he
really pissed me off so i punched him in his face and he
goes bak and punched me rite above my lip (it got really
swollen)...He says he didnt mean it but i dont understand
why he's so abusive w/ me wen all i do is love him...I ask
myself why i put up wit his shit and i guess it's cus i
love him and no matter how hard i try and get over him it
never works. But dis tyme i made my decision...I've had
enuff of his bullshit so ima have 2 let him go and jus move
on! Bcus he is definetly not worth it!