D'Arc Tangent

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2003-01-15 18:12:30 (UTC)

Muffy the Vampire Layer continued

Muffy entered the warehouse. The whole place had been
transformed from bare wood walls to marble pillars and rich
woods. Dark tapestries depicting various Kama Sutra scenes,
oriental paintings of passion, and ancient Greek sex acts.
The whole warehouse was converted into a dark pictorial of
sex dating back over a thousand years. High upon a stage,
lounging on a divan of deep purple, was The Master of All
Evil. As he stood, Muffy could feel his presence. Despite
being clad in leather, with a steel loin guard, polished
and gleaming, he moved with grace, subtlety, beauty, that
defied the twisted and grotesque features of his Vamp face.
For the first time, Muffy had a very good idea what the
Vamps felt when they experienced her. It was an animal
magnetism. There was no love, no delight, just plain wanton
desire. She could feel his sexual energy flowing about him.
He wore it like a cloak, and it billowed around the room,
touching her, caressing her, and she was wet from his

"So this is the little girl they send to defeat me." His
voice was soft, but there was a dark edge to it. "Do you
have any idea who you are in the presence of, little girl?"
and he moved closer and closer to Muffy.

Muffy was transfixed by him. She could not move. Her body
quaked with anticipation of his touch, and she could feel
herself getting wetter as he talked.

"I was the first. Back before the history of humankind, I
was here. Every sexual act owes its allegiance to me. I am
the seducer of souls. I am the serpent in the Garden of
Eden. I am the voice inside Pandora's head telling her to
open the box, I am all that is evil in this world. Do you
really think someone as young as you has any chance of
destroying me?" and now he was in front of Muffy. His hands
were cold, but soft, as they caressed her cheek, traced her
jaw line to her chin, followed her throat down, down to her
cleavage. He hooked a finger under her vest and snapped it
open. His tongue licked the air as he leaned closer to
Muffy, paralyzed by his sexual energy she could not move,
she could only stand there, helpless as he kissed her.

His kiss was fire, and ice. The cold dead flesh ignited the
passion in her soul and she reached between her legs to
feel herself, to try to release the pleasure that was
building in her.

The Master grabbed both her breasts in his cold hands.
Long, dead fingers pulled at the lacey fabric of her bra,
pulling it free, allowing her breasts to experience his
touch. His sharp fingernails scratched across her breasts
and the pain was beautiful. Slowly he licked down her neck,
his tongue tracing a pattern down to her breast as he
kneeled before the Layer, his mouth covering her nipple, he
sucked slowly, licking, caressing as his hands pulled the
skirt down, and found their way between her legs. The
Master then licked his way down her belly to the soft
blonde down between her legs, exploring with his tongue all
the soft, wet spots his fingers had delighted.

Muffy's heart was pounding. The blood was rushing from her
brain and her sight was blurring as the Master explored her
with his tongue. Her knees were week, and she felt she was
going to fall, but the sheer force of the Master's sexual
presence kept her standing as he continued to lap up her
passion. Muffy placed her hands on either side of the
master's head, holding him there for a moment, reveling in
his touch, then, with all her might, she snapped the
Master's neck.

As the dust from the master's body settled to the floor,
Muffy collapsed to her knees, too week to go on any
further, as Alex burst through the door.

"Are you alright?" he asked, running to her side.

"I'll be alright. I, just need, to rest." And she collapsed
into his arms.

Alex picked Muffy up and carried her out of the warehouse,
but as he was leaving, he could feel a coldness upon him.
Something not right, but he did not have the time to figure
out what that feeling was. Muffy needed help, and the evil
was gone.

He hoped.