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Muffy the Vampire Layer

Muffy the Vampire Layer
D'Arc Tangent

A scream echoes across the walls of the dimly lit alley.
The sound of trash cans falling and garbage shuffled as the
woman runs through the night. Runs until she sees the
fence before her. She stops, turns, and her asailant is
there before her. His twisted face a mask of evil as he
clasps her by the front of her shirt, pulling her toward
him. The shirt rips off with ease, her heaving breasts
exposed his hands reaching for them.

"A little young for you, isn't she?" the voice calls out
from behind.

The creature turns to see a lone woman in a short, white
leather skirt and vest, wearing white leather stiletto

"Why don't you try these?" she mocks, ripping open her top,
her firm breasts glinting the dim light in the alley.

The creature runs to her, pushed her against the wall, but
she does not resist. His hands push down the skirt,
exposing her. as she undoes his pants, releasing him as
well to the night air.

"Let's see what you have there big boy."

The creature pushes her agaisnt the wall, thrusting himself
deep inside her, his mouth covering hers as he pounds
harder, deeper, until he is ready to explode, which he
does, literally.

The woman's breathing is ragged as she dusts the powdered
residue of the vampire off her. She slowly picks up her
clothes, and dresses as the young woman stares in awe at

"Hi, I'm Muffy." she says to the frightened woman, "come,
let me get you cleaned up."

Muffy opens the door to her house. "Come, you can take a
shower, and we'll clean you up." As the two women enter
the house the girl is greeted by Maple, a pretty young
woman with long red hair, and Lara. "Hi, I'm Maple, and
this is my lover, Lara. We are witches, is there anything
we can do for you?"

"I'm, I'm, Bekka, and, um, I don't know. I was attacked,
"...and I'm taking her for a shower. I don't think she
needs healong right now Maple." Muffy says as she pulls
Bekka up the stairs.

On the second floor, is Miles, Muffy's gaurdian. "Rough
night?" he asks, in his austere british accent.

"Just one, nothing much. This is Bekka, she's taking a

"Pleased, I'm sure."

"Thank you..."

"Miles, Robert Miles. I look out for the girls."

"Pleased to meet you sir, I'm just..." as she tilts her
head to the bathroom."

"By all means, I have to check with Muffy. We'll look at
you in a moment." Then, turning to Muffy, "Shall we?"

The two enter the Gaurdian's chamber. Three walls of books
flank a large window, and candles provide the only light.

"Well, let me have a look." Miles says, and Muffy begins to
undress. His hands are soft, gentle, as he touches her
body, caressing her breasts, exploring every inch of her.
His hands cup her buttocks, his fingers explore inside her,
his touch is gentle, and she moans softly under his touch.
He smells her, her musk is intoxicating as he sniffs all
over her body, then his tongue licks around her nipples,
tasting his way along her breasts, down her belly to
explore inside her. Muffy, is wet from his examination,
her knees buckle as she lowers herslf to her knees, and
opens his drawers, exposing his manhood, she takes it,
massages it, brings him to the the limits of his endurance
before she takes himm full in her mouth, sucking his energy
into her, she feels warm, relaxed, and they both kneel,
holding each other.

"You are safe now, "Miles says. "No trace of evil left."

Bekka lets the warm water flow over her. It traces runnles
along her breasts, down her body, between her legs. It is
warm, comforting, and good. She still has no idea what is
happeneing to her, but for now, she is happy. She turns
off the water, and reaches for a towel. When she finally
touches it, she pulls, but it does not move. She opens her
eyes, and Lara is there, holding the towel.

"We need you, now." Lara says, pulling Bekka along with the
towel down the hall to her room. Inside, plants adorn
every possible space. A large fish tank is in front of the
window and candles burn throughout. Maple is laying on the
floor, on a mat, inside a large white circle. As the two
women entered, Maple stands up, her thin white dress
flowing around her. "I am glad you are here. Did it touch

"Did what touch me?" Bekka asked, "What is going on?"

"There is something brewing." Maple said, "Lara and I are
witches, and we sense these things. The Vampire that
attacked you, is a minion. If he touched you, we might be
able to pick up some of his energy, maybe get an idea what
is going to happen. Are you willing to trust us?"

Bekka didn't know what to make of all this. Vampires.
Witches, it was all so sureal, but she looked into Maple's
eyes, felt lara's hand in hers, and somehow trusted these
women. She nodded.

"Good, step into the circle." maple said, and as she did,
Maple undid her gown, and allowed it to fall about her
feet. She stood before the two women naked. Bekka looked
at Lara, who was also now naked, her gown on the floor just
behind her. "What do I have to do?"

"Our coven practices Sexual Magic. Through sexual
stmulation, we achieve higher consousness, we tap the
mystic, and perform our spell. I need you to place your
fingers here, "she took her hand and placed Bekka's fingers
in her snatch. As Bekka felt Maple's cunt, she felt Lara
toucher her there, and saw Maple place her fingers in
Lara. "Now, just massage us, as we are doing. And as you
do, imagine the night all over again. Try to remember
everything that happened.

Bekka felt the sensual touch of the girls, and her mind
began to relax, to drift, then, her mind exploded with
images. She saw the whole night in reverse. She saw Muffy
take the vampire, the vampire chasing her, the meeting of
the vampire in the bar, his soulful eyes, then, instead of
continuing with her, she saw the vampire coming into the
bar, through his eyes, then back to the basement of an old
warehouse before the image broke up.

When Bekka opened her eyes again, the three of them were on
the floor, their bodies entwined. Bekka tried to move, but
felt weak.

"Relax, it is normal for people like you." Lara said, "The
magic takes much out of people. We are used to it. Allow
us to share some of our strength." and she laid Bekka on
her back, leaned forward, mouth open to close upon
Bekka's. She kissed deeply, her hands caressing Bekka's
breasts, along her side, fondling the slit between her
legs. Bekka felt alive. She could feel the power surging
through her, and she drank deeply of Lara's passion, her
hands exploring Lara as well now, the two of them fondled
each other, their kisses were hot, wet, and soon began to
cover their entire bodies until Bekka finally pulled back,

"That was incredible." she gasped, "I didn't know people
could be like that."

"Stay awhile" Maple said, "I am sure we can teach you all
kinds of things."

Maple and Lara got dressed, and Bekka grabbed her towel and
went into the hall just as Muffy and Miles were coming out
of the Gaurdian Room. "Anything?" Muffy asked.

"A warehouse. We saw a warehouse, northside of town, but
nothing about what is in it. He must not have had a good
enough grip on her." Maple said.

"It's a start. Maybe we should just get some sleep, see
what happens in the morning. Bekka," Muffy turned to the
girl "you are free to stay, but if you want to go, we won't
stop you."

"I, I think, I would like to stay. I want to understand
what is happeneing."

"The witches can fill you in on that, I gotta grab some
sleep before tonight."

As Muffy went upstairs, Maple and Lara brought Bekka into
the living room, poured her a drink, and began to relate
the story of Muffy.

"Vampires have always been around," Maple started, "but
sometime in the 70's, something happened. We think it was
the sexual revolution catching up with the undead. They no
longer needed blood to survive, they needed human essence.
I guess, before, they were able to get it from the blood,
but now, they can extract it straight from the body,
through sex. They could either fuck you until you died,
or, bring you right to the point of orgasm, then kiss you,
and return a part of your essence, mixed with theirs, and
turn you into a sexual predator like them. It was in these
times that the Layer was born. If a vampire fucks with
Muffy, instead of stealing her essence, she steals his, and
he becomes dust. But there lies a problem. If she fucks
too many, she has troubles containing the evil forces, and
that is where Robert comes in. After an encounter, he uses
his sex magic to cleans her, to take the evil into himself,
where he can then release it."

"What is sex magic?" Bekka asked, "I have never heard this

Lara broke in for this one. "Magic is just the energy that
powers everything, machines, people, plants, everything.
Witches, like Maple and I, can focus these energies through
the sex act. If we concentrate on something, then bring
each other to arousal, the energy released becomes focused
and active, and our will is done."

"Is that what we did before?"

"Yes. By focusing on you, and bringing you into the act,
we were able to glimpse a bit of your life, and use that to
track the vampire."

"Could you teach me?"

"I have something to do right now, "Maple said, "but I am
sure Lara would enjoy showing you the ropes." and with
that, she rose, bent down to kiss Lara on the mouth, then

"So," Lara started, "what do you want to do first?"

Bekka opened her eyes, and it was morning. Time seemed to
mean little to the people in this house. Although she had
been up all night, she felt awake, and alive. Lara was on
the floor in front of her, her head resting on Bekka's lap
as the sun played acrossed her hair. She softly slipped
out from under Lara's head, and walked to the window. The
sun felt warm on her face, and she opened the window to let
the cool morning air waft over her body. As she took a
deep breath, she suddenly became aware of the smell of
breakfast, and realized that she is very hungry. Bekka ran
down the stairs and following the smell, barged into the
kitchen, then almost immediately dropped to the floor to
hide behind the kitchen table.

"Oh, my god!" she cried, trying to conceal herself from the
man in the kitchen. "I just totally forgot I was naked.
I'm sorry, but if you could just turn around..."

"No problem." the young man said, "but I have hung around
these women for a long time now, and I am pretty used to
it. Alex, by the way." he said, holding up his hand.

"Bekka, and forgive me if I don't take your hand, but..."

"Right, naked, alright, turning now." and he turned his
back to Bekka.

"Lex, que pasa amigo." Muffy said, stretching, as she
walked into the room.

"The Muffinator, good night?"

"One vamp. No biggie. Bek's, whatcha doing down there?"

"Oh, I don't know. I am not used to walking in on men in
the kitchen while I am naked."

"You usualy walk in on men int he kitchen fully clothed?"

"I don't usually walk in on, I mean, it is not like there
have been, or I should say..."

Alex came around the taable, and took Bekka's hand. His
smile was honest, and happy.

"My dear, please, you are going to hurt yourself if you
keep this up. Have a seat. I will have eggs in a minute,
and you can have some juice now." and he brought her over
to a chair, pulled it out for her, and let her sit, then
slid the chair back in.

"But, my clothes?"

"A little worse for wear, I would gather." Muffy
said, "I'll see if Maple has something for you, she's about
your size."

"and here, have some breakfast, "Alex said, putting a plate
of bacon and eggs before her. "You staying?" he said to

"Bailing. Test. Kiss the girls for me." and she was gone.

"So," Alex said, turning to Bekka, "what brings you into
our midst?"

"Any fruit this morning?" Lara asked, then she hugged
Bekka, and kissed her head. "Did you like last night?"

"Just my Uncle Paulette, but she's not here today." Ales
said as Bekka looked up into Lara's big brown eyes, and

"Alex, you are such a card." Lara responded.

"I know, in the fridge. Melon and berries today." Then he
sat on the edge of the table and looked into Bekka's eyes.
They were a deep green, and as he looked into her eyes, she
looked deep into his, and the panic of the night, and the
newness of the surroundings all seemed to fade away, and
everything seemed so right.

Maple whacked Alex up the back of his head. "Not now." She
said as she walked past him, and Bekka suddenly remembered
where she was. "Pancakes?"

"Of course dear. Have I not had pancakes for you since we
were kids?"

Maple kissed Alex on the cheek, "You are such a dear. Why
are we not married?"

"Well, let see, I'm normal, and you are a witch, and..."

"Gay" Lara popped in.

"Right, sorry dear," Maple said, "forgot. You can so get
lost in those eyes though can't you?" she said to Bekka.

"I really should get dressed, and maybe go home." Bekka

"Alright," Lara answered, "but maybe you can come back
tonight? If you want, you know. to help?"

"I'd like that, but first, maybe some clothes?"

"I got the just the thing for you sweety." Maple
piped, "You take a shower, and I will be up in a minute."

"I'm pretty much up already." Alex quipped.

"I know you are, but don't you have a job to get to?" Maple

"Not for another hour. I'll finish up here, then leave.
You two?"

"Exam in the afternoon." Lara said.

"Two classes this morning, one more at three, and a
confrence this evening." Maple added.

"When are you going to look into the Big Bad?"

"Well my confrence is only two hours, I will be back before
sunset, Lara and Bek's will look into the vamp thing, and
Muff's on patrol tonight, so I think we have it covered.
Now, I should go see about dressing our little orphan
there." and as Maple rose, she turned to Alex, cupping his
chin in one hand, and planted a long, wet kiss on him,
holding him in that position until he came.

Alex pulled away, "Shit Maple, now I gotta go change." and
he left for his room.

"You really shouldn't tease him like that love." Lara said.

"I know," then she had such a wicked smile come across her
face, "but it is so much fun."

That night, Muffy patroled the area by the warehouse. This
was close to the nest, and she knew there would be more
than just one Vamp. She stopped near a gaurdrail, and
rested one foot on the rail, checking her stockings,
running her hands along her legs, up tot he edge of her
short, white skirt. She followed her hips up along to her
waists, then over to her bellym her hands almost caressing
the bare midriff of her toned abs before she continued yp
to the lacey white bra peeking out from behind the one
button holding the leather vest in place. She was
satisfied with how she looked, and her natural layer musk
would draw out any Vamps in the area. Putting her stiletto
heals back to the pavement, she walked along the roadway
toward the warehouse.

Three Vamps sat at a table outside the warehouse door.

"Smell that?" one said.

The others sniffed at the air, "woman." they said together.

"Young. I like them young." the first one said.

"The Master wants us to stay put." one of vamps said. "He
is not ready yet."

"There are three of us. This will not take long." and the
three of them went in search of their prey.

As the three Vamps rounded the corner, Muffy was sitting on
an old oil drum, her legs spread, and the soft blonde down
showing under her skirt.

"What does it take for a girl to get a little action around

"If you want action, honey," the first Vamp said, "You came
to the right place."

"well, big talk, but so far, I don't see anything that I
couldn't handle."

The Vamps dropped their pants, exposing themselves to Muffy.

"Oh, my, it does look like I am going to have my work cut
out for me." Muffy said, as she stripped off her skirt.
The first Vamp moved in, grabbing Muffy and pulling her to
the ground. Muffy twisted on top, and slid onto the the
Vamp's cock, taking him deep into her. She then leaned
forward, lifting her ass to the second Vamp.

"What are you waiting for? I don't have all night."

The second Vamp moved in, penetrating her ass as the third
one move in for Muffy to suck off. Taking all three at
once, she began to work her layer magic, and like popcorn,
the one under her popped into dust, then the one in her ass
exploded, and as the third one started to come, there was a
clang, and he fell tot he ground. Alex was standing over
the unconscious Vamp, a steel pipe in his hand with a head
size bend in it.

"What the fuck did you do that for?" she yelled at Alex.

"Thought we would like to know WHERE the Master is?"

"Sorry, you're right, thanks." then slipping her skirt back
on, "So, do we wake him here, or bring him home?"

"I think we can take it from here." Maple said, as she
approached the Vamp, followed by Lara and Bekka.

"What is this? Family fun night? What are you all doing

"Alex thought that if we captured a Vamp, it would be
easier to find out where the Master is hiding." Maple said.

"So why is the new kid here?"

"She want's to learn, thought this would be a good
experience for her."

"Yes, Lara showed me so much this afternoon." she smiled,
and squeezed Lara's hand.

"Hmm, mm, "Muffy said, watching the two, "I'm sure, but
still, what if there were more? If they smelled her, it
could have been bad."

We stayed downwind, and waited to see Muffy," Maple
said, "we are not amateurs. We know what we are doing."

"You're right, I'm sorry. So, what's the plan?"

"Bekka is going to take the Vamp's essence into her," Lara
said, "and use it to locate the Master."

"Now hang on a sec," Muffy replied, "What about the evil?
I know what it does to me, but Bek's just a kid."

"We put a binding spell on her, "Maple added, "The evil
will be contained until we can get her back to Robert."

"All she can do is hold the evil in her, not use it, or
unleash it in any way, then we can read from her where the
master is hiding." Lara finished. She then turned to
Bekka, "Ready?" Bekka nodded. Steeling herself for what
she was about to do. Bekka slipped out oft he long dress
she had been wearing, exposing her naked body body to the
night air. Then, she kneeled before the Vamp, stroking his
cock, making him hard before she moved over him, sliding
him into her, the she began to move slowly, using her body
to massage the Vamp. She could feel him rising in her.
She felt the darkness in him slowly seeping into her. She
began to feel faint, and just as he came into her, she
collapsed on his body, her body twitching as she rolled
over onto her back.

"Is she alright?" Alex asked.

"She'll be fine." Maple said, pulling Bekka's hair away
from her eyes. "This was a strong one. The spell is still
in place though, so we are safe."

"We might be," Muffy said, "but what about the kid? What
is that thing doing to her inside?"

"It's rough." Maple said, "I won't lie, but she can take
it. Now, we have to act. We have to find out what we need
and then get her back to Miles."

Maple and Lara stripped out of their gowns, then, kneeling
on either side of Bekka, they held out a hand to each
other, then each places their fingers into Bekka's snatch,
reading the evil presence inside her. Dark images filled
their minds. Horrible scenes of of the Vamp's life, his
beginning, his attacks, and his meeting with the Master,
his following the Master, and the eventual location of the
pit where the Master of all Evil sat. As soon as they got
the location, they broke free from the spell.

"Warehouse Five, about three blocks from here, along the
river." Maple said. "You and Alex, go, we will take Bekka
back to Miles."

Muffy kissed Maple and lara. "Save her." and the two raced
down the street to their destination.

"Hurry, bring her up to my room." Robert called down the
stairs as Maple and lara came through the door carrying the
limp, naked body of Bekka.

The carried her up the stairs, and placed her ont he large
down bed. MIles lit the candles in the room, and the
incense, and soon sandlewood filled the air. "Leave now,
ladies," Robert said, "I need to be alone." Maple and lara
left, softly closing the door behind them as Robert
stripped off his robe.

"Now, my dear," he whispered, "let us see what you have
gotten yourself into."

Robert cupped her cheek, holding her softly in his big
hands, then slowly drew the back of his hand down along her
neck, along her side, first circling, then ever so slightly
cupping her bossom. He ran his thumb across the nipple,
covered the whole breasts with his hand and gave a sensuous
squeeze before dragging his hand palm-downward along her
belly to the soft bush between her legs. He started with
his thumb, slowly massaging the clit, sliding his hand back
and forth along her crack until he could feel the wetness
forming. He moved her legs apart, making way for his hand
to continue the massaging, his fingers exploring deep into
her, his thumb still caressing the clit as he probed. He
maintained this for a few minutes, weighing her response,
wanting to know if she was ready, and when he sensed her
deep arousal, he climbed on the bed, and entered her.

Slowly he slid himself along her wet cunt, deep into her he
pushed, relaxed, pulled back. Slowly he continued to enter
her, moving in a slow, sensual rhythm, each thrust
apparently deeper than the previous, and each time he
pushed deeper, he pushed faster, harder, his tempo building
in a slow curve until the sweat formed on his back, his
muscles tightening as he tries to hold onto the feeling for
as long as he can before releasing himself into her. As he
came inside her, Bekka Gasped, her heart racing, as she
looked down at the man laying across her. Her hands
stroked his hair, and she kissed the top of his head.

"Mr. Miles?" she said, "Are you alright?"

Robert sat up, breathing deeply, then said, "Yes, my child,
I am fine. Are you?"

"I do feel much better. Thank you."

Meanwhile, Muffy and Alex had just arrived at the door to
the warehouse.

"So, what's the plan?" Alex asked. "We charge in there and
kill whatever moves?"

"More like we charge in there, you get Vamped, and I dust
you." Muffy said, "or you stay here, kill anything that
comes out, and I do my job."

"I like that plan. I like any plan that does not involve
me ending up in a dustbuster."