The Shadow of Myself
2001-09-11 05:41:08 (UTC)

I think too much...

I wrote in my notebook yesterday. It was so nice. I wrote
like 2 pages. I think that I get more personal in there..
b/c I know that I'm the only one who reads it. B/c the
purpose of this thing is sorta so other people can read my
thoughts.. and I don't think that I really want everyone to
know everything. Some people can know somethings. I feel
like somethings are beyond everyone else's understanding.
Not that they're stupid... I just don't know that I could
explain what I think/feel in a way that I could be
understood as I want it to be.

Umm.. this one is going to be really short. I think that
I've thought myself out. Like.. I'm really tired of
thinking this much about everything.

that'll do..


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