People are evil WHy?
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2003-01-15 17:00:53 (UTC)

my mom is trying to die on me.

MY mom is trying to die on me! She has a white blood count
of 50,000 which is way to high. And they don't know what is
wrong with her, so i don't know. My little brother is
sucking up to my aunt and giving her hugs and doing stuff
for her. She thinks he loves her more than i do, which
might be true. I am not sure at this point. The only people
that i really care about are my dad, my nephew, and niece
and my mom on occasion. They are the only ones that don't
want to make me kill them to often. But my sister and
little brother, and my sisters oldest son drive me crazy!
They are so annoying ad sometimes i do want to kill them!
But i don't think i will just yet. Well anyays I think i
found the college that i want to go to. UC BERKELEY. It is
a really cool school and it has some strange classes to.
Like a class on masterbation! I guess that could be a plus.
JK. Oh yah to bad i still have 3 years of high school left
before college. I cant wait and then i don't have to live
in my physco house. I was really bored in photography
yesterday and me and 2 of my friends wrote fake love
letters and stuck them in peoples lockers as a joke. Pretty
creul huh? Oh well most people in this school are smart
enough to realize that the don't have a secret admirer!! HA
HA HA HA. Well you would have to be here to know what i
mean. Well i g2g, do some more reseach about my moms
condition. Bye

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