my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-01-15 17:00:15 (UTC)


ah! this morning i slept till 11. lol. yea i wanted to
sleep i still do i am in such a slacker moode lately. but
i went downstairs and ste some soup steph made(spicy!) and
she siad 'it took me an hou to get to schoo ltoday" i ws
like "DAG! WHY!?" cause tcc is only 15 min's away, 10 if
theres good traffic. and she said "cause both the steel
bridge and the gilmerton were closed" i said "why were they
closed??" she said "i guess because of all the snow." i
said "SNOW?!!? What snow?!!?!?" she goes "uhh it snowed a
lot..." and i ran to the front door and she said "but it's
mostly gone now!!" i was like AHHHH i can't believe no one
told me it snowed! ARG!!! i would have played it in by
MYSELF dag i wish i had of known lol. theres still some in
our back yard... maye i will later hehe. man. lol. it's
suppose to snow tomorrow and friday too or somethin like
that.. so thats cool. i just hope we don't get a dayt off
school, because next friday is a teachers work day or
something so we're going skiing(the youth group) and if
thats turned into a make up day we most likely won't go! so
yea... lol. i hope we dont get a snow day *then*. man you
know that whole lawrence thing i just wrote about? ok well
i liked him for around at least 2 years, maybe 3. i think
that may be one reason i let him do all that and i did what
i did, because i couldn't believe that(ok i admit that may
be lame likin someone that long but i can't control my
feelings!) so yea. i've forgiven my self for being so
vulnerable. i worked on that lol u should ask ryan i
wouldn't let him do anythin with m dude we didn't even kiss
a lot cause of me lol. yea. i get paranoid. i get worried
that i won't be able to stop, or make a guy stop... so
sometimes i just don't put my self in that situation unless
i know i can stop, or the guy can. yea... these are part of
my morals lol. i think that if your sittingthere makin
out... and you jsut have the urge to do more... then you
should stop. because most likely you will. and the person
ur making out with should understand. if they won't stop
they're not worth going out with, because they don't
respect you. male or female, im not chauvinist. i mean wait
when someone says "your such a girl" i get offended becuase
of the way they say it. it sounds like dirt. like my cousin
told me i hit like a girl and i hit him and hit him and the
next day he wasl ike "dang michele i have a bruise from you
that hurt" andi said "i thought i hit like a girl!" and he
goes "well that hurt!" so i was like *ha* because i have to
prove people wrong. im not *just a girl*(i love that no
doubt song, im just a girl) im so much more and i detest
when people say things likethat. it's aggravating... ok im
going bye.

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