Life is Too Short to eat Bad Pasta!!
2001-09-11 05:28:57 (UTC)

Just Another Bummer Day

Another has start. It's only 1.15pm. Am not going to have
lunch. I've already had my breakfast ( so what's that gotta
do with me not having lunch. ) well, basically, i am
not hungry. I am contented with my chewing gum in my mouth.
Not a very nice way to enjoy a nice lunch, but then again,
I lovveee chewing gums.

Am feeling a bit nervous, remember I said something about
me not getting my OS mid term papers yet?? Well, I am
suppose to go and get it tommorow and He wants to see us
one by one! BUMMER! AND I can just feel it in my bones that
i didn't do very well. I screwed up my last question and
guess what?? It's worth 10 marks!! Oh, goody! What a day.

Anyway, the Sea Games is on in Malaysia. The karate
competition is at my Uni's Multi-purpose hall. So far,
Malaysia has been shooting up the medal tally, winning 30
gold medals. This is yesterdays results.

I love gymnastics. I am a gym freak. I used to be a
gymnast. Been only as far as inter-state championships.
Competed with national gymnast, namely chee kiat and
carolyn. I always loose. Oh well, i was never good.
But I miss training and dieting somehow. :) at least, the
dieting and that training keeps me fit and slim. Right now,
I have a spare tyres. I wonder is Silverstone wants to do a
contract with me?! hehe...just wondering.

There's a concert at FGA, old klang road. Am thinking whether to make
it a cell group outing or not. Cell groups are a group of people,
meeting at least once a week, to do some bible study, or hanging out
and enjoy a good fellowship. Am still thinking!

gotta chow. got some other stuff to do!