Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
2001-09-11 04:54:39 (UTC)

Coke Machine Glow

J ended up calling me a few minutes after I wrote that
last entry, geez I'm a worry wart eh?? LOL.

Went over to his house last and played board games, drank
some beers with a couple of others. I ended up crashing
there, better than driving home.
J kissed me during a movie later on and we ended up making
out throughout it, I stayed with him in his room but
nothing too heavy happened though I wanted it sooooooo bad
I was a VERY good girl and I'm proud of myself.
This morning J made me breakfast and gave me three more
roses, yellow this time. My boss called me and told me she
didn't need me in today. J was already off of work. We
spent the day together, saw some of his friends, went to
the car wash, drove to the beach and he bought me dinner
there. Later on we rented another movie and cuddled while
we watched it. I came home around 10:30 and talked to JeM
on the phone, we're gonna go out for drinks tomorrow night
I think. I'm not going to see J until Friday, we have a
dinner & movie date :)

Could this be the beginning of something? I hope so. I
feel like J is a good guy, he seems to have his head on
straight and still knows how to have fun AND treat a lady
right. I think this could be good, I'm going to hold off on
sex with him for awhile because I don't want to go and
screw up a potentially good thing with him. He seems to
really like me right now and I want things to stay that
way. I want to wait and see if he continues to be a total
sweetheart, I've had bad luck in the past with guys turning
out to be creeps but I can't carry a grudge against men
around with me all of the time because I know there has to
be a few good men out there. I'm really hoping J is one of
them and if so, maybe he'll stick around for the long haul.


PS. I now officially have the satisfaction of knowing that MaD (the
dog) lost not only me but the blonde chicky at that party. JeM filled
me in tonight, she talke dto the girl and let her know what a piece
of shyt he was. Sucks to be him LOL!!!!!!!!!! :)