Thoughts of Sweet girl Della
2001-09-11 04:16:39 (UTC)

my first diary entry

Well here i am, i finally signed up for an online diary
after ages of saying i would.
God im tired, i have had loads to do today at college, and
i have a pile of homework that needs to be done but can i
be bothered? nah leave it for tommorrow, lol maybe ill do
it then.

Today i joined Linkinpark.com forums because my friend said
he was going to join there too, so i did and posted twice
but there wasnt anywhere else i wanted to post so i left
the site and found this site :)

MMMMMMMMMMMMM im eating some salad sandwiches they are
nice, nice and healthy too, maybe ill go on a diet i need
to loose some weight, i mean im not fat or anything, far
from it but i will put weight on if im not carefull.

Hmmmmmmmm £15 to last me the week. maybe ill buy some food
tommorrow, if i get chance but i need bus fare too for
college so i hope i can work out what i want and still have
some left.

anyways its late now so im off to bed

Well not very interesting is it for my first post but oh
well im tired maybe tommorrows will be more interesting


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