lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-01-15 05:34:10 (UTC)

she get it from her mama

hahaha forever a good song. FOREVER! alright, i'm through, i

so i am evil but i swear to crap if someone doesn't kill me now...ok i
won't finish that cuz i'm not suicidal or anything, don't worry. but
man. my back is hurty. i can't even think about snowboarding or
dancing or anything cuz honestly i just want to lie down for a
looooong time. and not be bombarded. and not turn into an evil
villain with a black moustache (HAHA!). and not get a bowl of
jokes slapped at me. any of those references are probably just
jokes with myself right now, seeing as i have little or no grip on

i ate a lot of ice cream tonight. that was my dinner. i gave matt our
picture and he really liked it so yeah...i guess that's cool. i still
compare the feeling of that to julia in "the wedding singer", but no
one else gets the parallel. haha.

peace out. i'm tired.