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2001-02-16 05:29:24 (UTC)

My work, well there is a mine..

My work, well there is a mine field i find myself walking
through four nights a week. certainly a broad mix of people.
before i moved onto working only nights i had been rumoured
to have slept with several of the female staff, whilst
untrue these kind of rumours can be very damaging. luckily
day-shift and i trust each other, well i assume she trusts
me after all she is still marrying me plus as soon as i
found out about the rumour, from the soon to be husband of
one of the people i was rumoured to have slept with no less,
i told day-shift straight away. I trust day-shift completely
and have no fear of her running away with another. the
relationship we have is strong and whilst we don't always
seem to have much money we are in this for the long haul.

i am settled on nights now, i get on with most of the staff
without any hitch or inuendo appart from one who i will just
call "sicknote", she was the origin of the rumours about my
alleged promiscuity and i tread very carefully when on shift
with her as she has a habbit of hanging on every word i say
in the hope i will say something about another member so she
can start more rumours and gossip. just the other day
sicknote informed me that another member of staff had told
her that i had slept with her, but in actual fact not only
had i not slept with this staff member the conversation
sicknote was refering to had never taken place, she just
wanted me to see the other staff member all guns
blazing(figure of speach) and end up with egg on my face.
needless to say i never gave her the satisfaction, besides
the member of staff she was refering to is well known by
day-shifts family and should the event had happen she would
have been ran out of town....