Nick's Journal
2001-09-11 03:56:01 (UTC)

The Mall and Swap Nuts

nothing happens to me until 2:30. i get up, and halfway
through my first class i realize that dietrick sausage
patties and three flights of stairs do not mix. neither do
the noxious fumes from my anus and the surrounding people
of my BIT class.
Some jesus freaks try to hand me a green book. but i'm wary
of old guys that stand out in 110 degrees heat and smile at
me with that gumless look. it's the new testament....good
thing they didn't include the old one as well, cos that
would just be too complete. maybe it's the REVISED new
testament where Jesus tells us that he was just "joshing"
us and that he was sorry for the wars that were caused in
his name.
as i wait for juliann infront of mcbride one of those
preppy guys walks past me and shoots me such a demeaning
look that i have to check myself for any noticeably
offensive aspects of myself. i hate it when people do
that. why do they demean someone right away? then i gave
the time to some fat fucking son of a bitch that smelt like
he smeared himself in feces. this is what i do until i
hear juliann's lovely voice telling me "we gotta get the
fuck going i parked my car on campus" now at some college
campuses this wooudln't seem like much of a deal but here
at tech the parking nazis are rampant. we made it to the
car in the nic of time.
50 cents to measure blood pressure. juliann's is so low
that i have to punch her in the face to make sure that
she's even alive. mine's so high that she has to "bleed" me
the vitamin shop presents me with an array of supplements.
mind you they are supplements not steroids. sure the
myoflex-creatine-muscle-enhancer allows you to push three
times your weight but they are all natural. if i were to
take anything like that they'd probably have to pry me from
the walls.
so some guy has the nerve to joke about krispy kreme
doughnuts this evening. he didn't know that he was fucking
with the wrong franchise, and don't worry i fucking
regulated his ass. i pelted him with so many of those
savory chick-fil-a mcnuggets that he actually thought that
the mini-pizzas at the pizza hut express were edible.
--- on a side note, i was reminded of what i miss bout
home tonight. 1.) krispy kreme and shitty movies with
abbie, this i realize as she tells me about Swapnuts (don't
ask), 2.) and then my cat (pete) holding me at bay with an
ak-47 as i try to get him into the car for the vet. 3.)
and of course my dog getting abbie's last doughnut instead
of me just because he's "wittier" than i am.....sigh. :-)