My Sad Sad shit..
2003-01-15 05:00:58 (UTC)


sooo.. today was weird.. this morning my dad was givingme
that oh so familiar lecture about how i do nothing.. and im
selfish.. blah blah. my mom decided to tell him to pack
upand get out.. and he was going to.. right after he showed
up at my school and gave me a 30mn. talk about how its my
fault.. he didnt say it.. but he did.. you know. anywho..
he ended up not leaving and being really ice to me and my
brother and sister and mom all day. xxxx im listening to
billy idol right now.. its on the be dancing
with myself if i was that sexy too shit.. my boyfirend was
so nice to me today too.. until we were playing arms and he
kicked my ass.. :( but was weird fast and
sad.. shit changes ... alot, everyday and i guess i dont
usually notice or care. but somethings you just cant
ignore.. esecailly if its anal leakadge from your rear. but
what do i know..

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