chronicles for the clinicly insane
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2003-01-15 04:54:46 (UTC)


Thats right folks bleeding. Right now Im bleeding
profusely... from the face. A word to the wise, never
under any circumstances use a razor or any bladed object to
scratch an itch, especialy on your face. Ive made some
stupid moves before but now I just want to shoot myself.

Speaking of which, ever notice how stupidity usually
breeds stupidity? when you do something stupid you usually
end up doing something really stupid, then something more
stupid, and so on, and so on untill you finally pass out.
Take me for example. I messed with some fiberglass, then
tried to scratch my itching face with a razor, which in
turn caused my afformentioned torrent of hematoric fluid,
so now, instead of seeking some sort of treatment, i am
sitting here at my computer writing this journal.

Well id just thought Id let you know this.

untill next time truly yours through storm and
in.......................(passes out)

ps( kirs your gay, I hate you and you love
the cock)