*Chi* a.k.a Chanette

Starting from Scratch
2003-01-15 04:53:18 (UTC)

confused in confusion

i saw frip today and i was so happy! we just went around
to some stores, and what not. then she stayed for dinner
and conversasion about my "headlight"....spoekn
beautifully, by my grandmother of all people! what a laugh.

sitting here, just me and my thoughts, me and my dreams.
i want so much out of life, and i see it coming! i know
it's coming!

you see, people aren't what they first seem, and even
after that, they are tainted. you notice the way they have
one collar flap up, and the other just lays flat, almost as
if it had been pressed that way.

i'm in a really pissy mood right about now. i was just
informed that my ex wants to throw the cat (we got
together) out! that's just fucked up. so i'm gonna have
to find a place for ms lucifer to go. fuckin bitches and
their mind games! i swear. all of the female species are
whack in someway!

wrapped around my eyes.
seeing you in a,
fragmented lite.
dark vortexs,
scattered like dalmation spots.

with that one blow to the head,
you've let me become art.
you've let me see constolations.
and with one word from me,
you'll know what i feel for you.


c**** (for amy...god i hope she reads some of these someday)

well boys n girls, i'm afraid sade has just sung smooth
operator for the last time tonight. and my pills have let
me know....it's time to rest my eyes. so i thank you all
for listening to the rants of a lesbian scorned. till

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