le soleil et la lune
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2001-09-11 03:47:46 (UTC)


I don't know what it is about today, but it ended really
badly. I was happy all through school even though Katie
was really quiet. I got less happy when I got to Subway
and found that I'd only been making $5.15 and hour, not
$5.50, got even worse when I found out I could've started
at Old Navy tonight if I'd brought a work permit with me,
and then ended with Amber's step-dad scolding me like I was
his child simply because I brought her home at like 6:30.
Geez, is a person not allowed to go and get her check? He
was like NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. I'm sitting here like, um, I
didn't do anything wrong, and I know that you are an
asshole, but the next time you feel like taking your shit
out on me, you'll be having a confrontation with my dad.

Amber and I had a rather interesting conversation today
which helped me to clarify some of the decisions I would be
making in the future. But more about that later. I have
to try to register for the SAT I again. I think the
website has a grudge on me because this will be the 5th
time I've tried.