apfel diary
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2003-01-15 03:51:34 (UTC)

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my friend met a online friend from yahoo. and she has been
searching friends there. sometimes she will tell me it got
some handsome guys pic there, ask me go to see it. and i
would take a look at it. few days ago,i saw a guy
infomation in there. he looks not bad. and..showed his
phone number on it.so that i tried to call him as i was
really bored. just had a try.unbelievable the number is
real. and we talked for awhile. i dont like him so much
since the first question he asked is when can i meet
you.chey,i have no plan to meet him.i have never thought to
meet him also. cos i just wanna try if the phone number is
real.sigh..regretted giving him my phone number.he always
call me now. and this is the reason that i always turn off
my mobile these days.hehe