Lil* Black Backpack
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2001-09-11 03:27:12 (UTC)

Say It ain't Soooo....

Hello.... I have great news. i know I havent written in
here in a awhile I have just been so busy with school and
every thing. I think i meet someone, I know itsounds wierd
when i say I think, but I think I did. WEll Theres this
guy named Ray and I'm just going to try and talk to him
tomorrow, plus I've made total eye contact with him like
all day. But then Me and my friend were walking by him and
his friends, and I heard him telling his friends the one in
the blue and yellow sweater. It was so uterly cute. But
lets hope that it will work and I wont get all shy on him.

Well on Saturday I was at this candle party at an old
friend of the Family and me and their son grew up together,
and he is a yr. younger then me but he is soooo cute. He
told his mom, ivite her again. So of course I will be over
there again, HEHEHEHEHEHEHE.......!!! But I have had an
okay week so far.

Well im not so sure who my real friends are ne more, I mean
Julia who is supposes to be my bff friend since 7th grade
has been lying to my face like all week. I was so mad. I
couldnt believe it. Its kinda funny cus, every thing comes
back to me, and she doesnt even know it. I mean dude
people trust me more then they trust themselves, I'm just
one of those people. I never would have thought that she
would go and tell everyone about her personal life, but
feel that she cant even tell her BFF. Actually she is
telling me, cause people at our school do not know how to
keep their mouth shut so every thing comes back to me ne
ways. Well everyone im gonna go so c-ya!!

-luv shelley

PS I'm over J'son :-)

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