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2001-02-16 04:48:58 (UTC)

....i think i might keep you..

....i think i might keep you informed of my progress at the
slimming club, it might give me the much needed incentive to
put some effort into it. I am getting married next year and
am going to shock a few people by changing my name to that
of my wifes instead of her changing to mine, we haven't told
anyone about this yet, well i lie we have told avey good
friend but we know she won't say anything, i will call her
miss selfridge on account that she works at the store
bearing the name, miss selfridge is a gem, i didn't know her
before i met my wife to be but we have become close, not in
the physical way, i just think we connect mentally, she is a
great mother to fantastic three year old boy, who despite
being torn between two households since his parents split is
streets ahead of most children his age which is proof of how
much time and effort miss selfridge gives him even though
she works. at lot has happened to miss selfridge in such a
short time not only has she just married a really nice guy,
if a little quiet, she is pregnant again, i think her new
hubby will make a good dad and it gives miss selfridge the
excuse she needed to go out and buy a new childs pram, which
seems to be a much fantasised hobby of hers....

miss selfridge
mr selfridge
selfridge jr
the bump

a great bunch to be able to call friends