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2003-01-15 03:32:57 (UTC)

When the Sun Is Shining

Subj: (no subject)
Date: 1/14/2003 8:03:13 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: AShLi6550
To: AShLi6550

When the Sun is Shining

I wish you would have dialed my number that night
I would have never known you were that upset
I will never be albe to cope with your death
A genuine, loving, kindhearted friend i shall never forget

I will now never know if you knew how amazing you were
if you honestly knew how much you meant to me
you were so much more than just a good friend
you were more like part of my family

I have dreams about you every now and then
That you aren't gone but have just been away
I have no doubts and i know deep down in my heart
We will reuinte with eachother Some day

When the sun is shineing in the clear blue sky
I think of the good times we were able to share
I wish i had told you all this when i had the chance
Let you know how much for you i'll always care

You wouldn't believe how many people miss you duane
people wait until it's to late and never let a person know
Now they sit alone telling themselves over and over
I should have told him what he meant to me a long time ago.

I have a strong feeling you knew how much you meant to me
I just wish i could have talked to you one last time
before you passed away
But i'll always be thinking about you and the times we
when the sun shines in the clear blue sky i'll be thinking
of you on that day.

-Ashley L. Archer For: Duane Allen McMurtry

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