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2003-01-15 03:31:24 (UTC)

Because you think you can..........

Because You Think You Can........

I will always be right here for you
You know I will and you use that against me
You know I will always be here,
that is why you walk all over me, you know that I will
never leave your side...
Why did you push me out of your life?
Don't you want me to be in your life?
How could you? After all the moments we shared.
I cared, I care, And I will never stop caring for you...
You are so perfect for me it's a little scary. I must face
reality and understand the bitter truth that I'm not right
for you...
No worries or regrets all those times you made me cry.
You knew I would forgive you even
When you didn't say sorry and you knew I would
come back right in to the same thing over, and over, and
over again.
I deserve so much better than you...
No one deserves to be treated the way you treated me...
Not even you.
You fought the love that was as plain as day,
More than you fought to make what we had work...
I let you into my heart with open arms,
So I'm the only one who can let you go... Even if I
never get over you...
You made me realize how unique, special, and genuine I am,
Because your coward like immaturity that brought many
tears to these eyes
Did nothing less than make me stronger...
So I shall one day thank you for something you are
unaware you did.
Good-bye maybe forever, I shall see you again, another
time, In another place.

-Ashley L. Archer

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