My Life Story
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2001-09-11 03:02:33 (UTC)


Wow! A lot has happened since I last wrote! Well, lets
start with the Homecoming dilemma. I got turned down and my
friend...well, things just didn't work out with her and
that guy. She's going with someone else, though and they
both really like each other. I'm really happy things worked
out so well for her. She's trying to hook me up with
someone, but as of now I have nothing.

The fair started Saturday. I went with one of my friends
for 4 hours that afternoon and then I went back again later
that night. I can't ride any of the rides there cause they make me
sick, and I think that the animals just smell, but the food makes it
all worth it. I love fair food!! Then I walked up to my church with
my youth group cause we were having a lock in. It was kinda fun, but
then again, not really. It was just kind of a weird mix of
people. Sunday afternoon my dad and I arranged a song for
some of the low brass in our band to play. It turned out
really well. I'm excited about it! Sunday night I went to a
sleepover at a friend's house. It was really fun. I fell
asleep way early though cause I had had such a long night
the night before. I had to get up early (well, earlier than
I wanted at least)to play at the fair for band. It really
sucked. Afterwards I walked around the fair for a few hours
with one my friends. When we finally got bored we came back
to my house and hung out for awhile. We were gonna go see a
movie but we couldn't decide on anything. So, we decided to
go to her house for a little bit so she could do her
homework. On the way we passed some guys we knew so we
decided to follow them. They caught on pretty quickly and
started driving as fast as they could to all these random
places to try and lose us. We eventually caught up with
them, though, and we stopped and talked and all had a good
laugh about it. We were all pretty bored so my friend and i
went to her house and then one of the guys joined us a
little later. We ate dinner there and then went back to the
fair to meet up with the guy that my friend is going to
homecoming with. I felt like such a third wheel and was
totally out of place. The only reason I was really there is
cause neither of them can drive. It kinda just really
sucked for me, but I got over it. Well, I should probably
be getting some sleep. Later

~Daria :)

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