Squeeb's world
2001-09-11 03:02:19 (UTC)

It's Like Whoa...

Did you ever have one of those days that just goes way
beyond the realm of bliss? Wow. Ok, so did you ever have
feelings for someone that were buried so deep and then all
of a sudden resurface like a ton of bricks? You know, they
were buried deep down inside you and you'd forgotten they
were there kinda like that old favourite shoe under your
bed? Then you walk into Walmart one day, like 7 years later
and bang! there he is, looking cuter than ever? Did you just
get the feeling that that happened to me today? Well, it
did. Todd! Omigod, Todd. And so we talked and he hasn't
changed a bit. Reminded me of why I liked him so much. Never
really did have a reason to stop liking him. Actually, I
never really DID stop liking him. Someone kinda preoccupied
my thoughts- S. So for the rest of the day I was on a
Todd-high. Kinda like in high school when he was my "niner"
and I was infatuated with him.
Then continuing on the happy streak, I found the most
adorable NSYNC yearbook with the most gorgeous pictures of
them in it- how much do I love those guys?! JC, baby you
And then random acts of kindness really do pay off. When
I was in my Sports Psych class today, this guy sat beside me
and he was having trouble keeping up with how fast the
lecturer was doing the notes so I let him bum off me just
cuz I've been at this so long I'm like a pro. Anyways so in
the end he was all gracious and you know what, he was
Ok, now Miss Happy-pants should go to bed because she has
an early class. I want to have sweet dreams about Todd, and
possibly JC. Oh happy, happy day (=

Current mood: extremely happy
Current music: Everyone- Backstreet Boys