InSiDe My LiFe
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2001-09-11 02:45:51 (UTC)

Sara...thaz me!

Hey! I'm new to this website, so i'll lead you a bit more
about myself. My name is Sara, i'm in junior high (6th
grade) and i aspire to be a famous singer. Now, I know you
may think that "Wow, every girl her age wants to be the
next Britney" but my hopes are different. I take choir,
voice lessons, dance lessons(well I will be soon) acting
lessons and i act in a lot of plays because my heart is
truly set on this. I also write my own songs and music,
which is truly a gift for someone my age. When I was in 2nd
grade, I wrote a song to perform in front of the class.
When I was done, my teacher asked me which artist sang that
song. I said "Me." and she said "Yes, but who wrote it."
Again, I replied "Me." My teacher did not believe a girl of
such a young age could have such a writing gift. For this,
she wanted to promote me a grade, but I chose to stay with
my friends(since I am attached to my group of friends and i
felt like i'd be left out.) So now...i'm in all the gifted
classes...which is pretty kool. And i'm not really a geek,
cause i stick out a lot(i have blond hair, blue eyes, 5'9,
so most people think im 15 and i get a LOT of attention
from that) and I'm really loud, crazy, and funny. I have a
lot of friends(i'm one of those "everybody's friend" people)
because I am friendly. I also play basketball and tennis. I
work out a lot, and I enjoy music A LOT(as you can probably

So, welcome to my wonderful and weird life. Toodles!

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