The Jaded Mind
2003-01-15 02:48:33 (UTC)

Someone I could learn to love....

So I met this guy, Paul, about a week after I moved here.
And he's really sweet. So for like, the past two weeks,
we've been sorta seeing each other. And he spoils me rotten.
An example: It's that time of month for me (always VERY
painful) and I needed to pick up some Pamprin and some know. Those thingies. Diapers for women, lol. So
not only does he insist on paying for them, he goes in, by
himself, and buys them, so I could stay in the warm car.
And then he gives ME the change. (About 15 dollars.)
And you know what? I'm getting used to being treated good.
And I could really fall for this guy, given time.
Right now though, we're taking things slow, cause he knows
I still hurt over how Jeremy treated me.
For once I found one of the good ones who wasn't either
taken or gay.
And to think that I believed God wasn't hearing me when I
wished on stars all those years. He just took his good old
sweet time in answering.
Well anyways, we're going to Atlantic City tonight after I
get done with school. Cause he knows I love the ocean, and
I moved here like two mos ago and haven't been to the beach
yet. A crime, I know. So he's taking me tonight, and he's
insisting on paying for gas. *insert big smile here* I love
being respected.
And oh yeah....he's cute too.