of the last

of the last
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2003-01-15 02:47:46 (UTC)

soo tired

i jsut got back from youth and government where i was just
watching the kids and what they were like. high schoolers
really truly are not comfortable with them selves nor with
others. one kid i jokingly put my hand on his shoulder, and
he basically freaked out because hes entirely homophobic
despite winnie being right next to me proving im not
homosexual. then i looked over at this obviously fad punk,
she looked as if she tried entirely too hard. i mean she
just eminated posserness. personally i dont care if someone
changes their mind as to who they think they are, just as
long as they FIND who they are. most people wander through
high school acting as something they are not, as i did in
the very first few weeks of freshman year. then after i
realized i was a complete poser, i just stopped caring what
people thought i was, i know who and what i am. smack a
label on anyone, cause most of the time, they dont even
know who they are. high schoolers are completely torn
between looking "cool" and being themselves, and being
yourself is almost looked down apon in hs. god i hate the
world of hs drama. i mean who gives a rats ass what soemone
said to the other person and who did such and such, just
fucking shake hands and solve your problems. stop holding
the pointless moronic grudge and get over it over with.

thats a rant youll prolly hear again from me. anyway, im
off to listen to the cd that winnie let me borrow for a day
or so, it has yellowcard and some other good stuff on it,
then ill prolly pass out instead of doing hw thanks to
WONDERFUL NYQUILL TO THE RESCUE!! nyquill is awesome, it
like wow, this green stuf tastes like *WAM* and your out on
the ground unconcious. its good stuff. the world is so sad
now, when over the counter drugs are more potent then the
prescription ones. but yea, my asthma is kicking me in the
ass and my mom thinks i have something else on top of that,
which could suck ass. but hey i get my car back tomorrow
and i go for a job at blockbuster, the interview at least,
and then to the detested doctor who will tell me to take
stuff that for my body is pretty much nothing but a sugar
pill, i have encountered so very very very very few things
drugs weather over counter or prescription(or the few
moronic times it was neither of those) that actually do
anything to or for me. i fucking hate high tollerence, its
expensive in every way, you need more potent drugs, you
need more alcohol, and you take longer to get drunk. some
people call it awesome, i call it friggin expensive. well
now i am going to sleep. laying there thinking of my most
amazing girlfriend winnie who i heart with everything and i
suspect is prolly udating her "journal" right now as well.
allright must go to sleep now. on to other random thoughts
next time kiddies

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