Teenage Politics
2003-01-15 02:42:24 (UTC)

I promised....so here

I promised I would update on all that has happened since
that sad Turkey day stuff.....here goes:
Well first off....you should have already figured this out,
but Timmy and I didn't last in that short-lived little
break. We missed each other like crazy, and we realized we
were it for each other. There isnt anyone else that's ever
gonna fill either of our shoes for either of us. I like
that though. We are so in love. YAY! On New Year's....we
partied, and went to his house, but as far as my parents
are concerned we JUST partied so shh bout that..lol. At
midnight he slipped my ring around my finger and promised
to love me forever and he said he knew he wanted to marry
me and he had always loved me and always would no matter
what. HOW SWEET IS THAT?! Yea..you're jealous, aren't you.
I have THE BEST boyfriend in the world. He also promised to
be patient with me and try to be more attentive. And we
promised each other we'd give each other more chances when
we screw up. Im so excited that things are going so well.
After almost a year, I still find myself giggling like a
school girl every time I see his pictures on my binders.
I'm so in love with him. That's cool though, because what's
the relationship worth if you don't still flirt, and you
don't still find each other extremely attractive. i asked
him to try to come to the racer's banquet with me because
it is pretty important. That's on the 25th. I hope he can
come. I really want him to be there with me. I want to
dance with him. Oliver starts on the 29th, we're getting
down to the bare weeks left. Im nervous, but excited. I
think I'll do good, and my friends will too...but some of
the people I dont know on the cast might not be so good. Im
kinda scared about that. But I know there will be low
spots, as well as extremely high spots. I just hope we do
better than Summit's West Side Story...cus I heard they
sucked donkey balls. We haveeee to be better than them. I'm
excited about getting it over with though. Finally some
time to myself. I don't know what I'll do without practice
though. Yearbook is coming along great. I'm really loving
my classes. We kinda dominate in theatre 2 as
well...because we're the crew that's already been involved
ya know? I love it...I feel like I belong. Katie and Lauren
and Cassie and a few others told me that I would be one of
the next " it " drama girls. That is such a compliment
coming from them. They are the "it" girls right now. Im
excited. I can't wait. Gaa..I read my buddy Ricky's journal
entry from the day after his last football game..and GOSH
it was so sad. I cried...really. It was just..wow. You have
to read it. I've made a bunch of new friends...but my girls
are still Boy Kisser, P-Doody, Dirty Birdy, and German
Pimpstress of course! I HEART YOU! OH...yea and I
cannnnoootttt forget my racey macey! You're the most
specialest nerd I know! lol ttee heeee! Wow..."Crawling"
just came on Kiss FM..I love this song...tho it reminds me
of a weird time. We wont go there. but the song still makes
me wanna wail it out at the top of my lungs. Speaking of
weird times......gaa....remind me to tell you about " THE
DIABLO " when you read this. I can't post it for obvious
reasons (you'll see once you ask) ...but wow...what an off
the chain story!! You know me and my crazy mishaps and
goodhaps....I gotta get offline cus Im trying to keep it
under 15 minutes at a time....in case someone calls...yea
that's right Im totally outta cell phone minutes and I have
like 11 days left, which sucks, cus I DIDNT KNOW RECEIVED
CALLS COUNTED! GRRRRRRRRRRR stupid rate plan! Gaa....later

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