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2001-09-11 02:36:35 (UTC)

Nya ...

The title should say it all. That's the basic mindframe I'm
in right this second. Watching a music vid by "The Great
Wang" of Vash and Spike (Trigun vs Cowboy Beebop) for the
um-teenth million time. It's on loop- stop laughing at me

I think I'm going to hafta watch the Cowboy Beebop series
now. Heard from some guy in Suncoast a while ago that it's
better than Trigun and coming to Cartoon Network this fall
(soon). I don't know if anything can beat Vash. Spike
doesn't seem to different from him but... he doesn't seem
to scream (Vash does that so well in the dubbed ^.^) or be
as funny. Besides, Trigun's full of bishounen - close to
half of the more important characters; not sure if Beebop's
got that.

Speaking of ... I finally got to see the rest of the Trigun
series at Gothie's this weekend. She's gonna get pics of
Vash w/o the coat so I can (finally) finish a Sim skin I've
been working on. *note to self: pester Gothie about pics*

By the way, I hate Meryl. Just thought I'd announce that.
She needed to die. ((WOLFWOOD X VASH ALL THE WAY BABY!!))

First hour in "Let's pretend to be an internet class" I got
to pull a paper on what I want to be when I grow up out of
my ass. It was painful. I was thisclose to switching
halfway through and telling off that stupid teacher. The
name of the class is "Internet/Web page design." So far,
we've surfed the internet. That's it. It's bullshit! She
f*cking makes do evaluation things over websites, and gives
us stupid papers to type up!! IF THE CLASS NAME HAS "WEB
THE CLASS!!! She says MAYBE we'll get to that. Around the
end of semester. WHOOPITIE-FUCKING-DO. That was the whole
damn reason I signed up for that fucking class. Jerk-offs.

*note to self: injure people in e-hall tomarrow.*

I shouldn't be so pissy today- really I shoudn't. I get to
sleep in 'till 9-ish tomarrow thru thursday and I get to be
in Walter's class all three days. Schedule goes Tues-7,8 ;
Wed-5,8 ; Thurs-5,7. I'm in one of Walter's classes for 5
and 7. ((I can't wait for Thursday. ^^)) He's got *decent*
computers, and lets us play games and stuff when we get
done w/ all our work. *note to self: finish ch 2 cisco

'Bout 40 mins of my d/l left. Yes, I'm getting another
music video. Yes, I'm pathetic. I enjoy every minute of
my insanity.

Did I mention I showed my mom the sex-tetris game my
brother got a few years ago? She played it. It was
funny. I've beaten that game ... multiple times ... when
he first got it ... and he hasn't. He's 7 years older than
me too- is that bad?

Ok, I just read a diary entry someone made from their
neopet's point of view.

I have no comment.

Oh gods, there's some funny shit out there. I'm gettin
distracted now, so I'll continue this later (or tomarrow).

^.^ X


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