Kat Eyes
2003-01-15 02:28:22 (UTC)

Convo between Blake and I: 1/14

lanianela724: ...will you ralk to me or r u busy cause i
dont wanna bug u
Mazturblaker: i'm busy but i hav tim if it is necc.
lanianela724: r u ok? and are we ok/
Mazturblaker: or is it ness?
Mazturblaker: i dunnp
lanianela724: about which 1
Mazturblaker: if u spell it
Mazturblaker: ness
Mazturblaker: or necc
lanianela724: o i know what you mean but are you and i ok?
Mazturblaker: i'm not doing well and that effects us
indirectly so i dunno how we r doin'
lanianela724: whats wrong
lanianela724: b/c i want to fix whatever it is
Mazturblaker: if we're gonna talk about this...then i'd
rather we wait til i hav the time and maybe a fone...
lanianela724: you mean alot to me and i dont think you or
any1 else understand that
lanianela724: ok
Mazturblaker: and that means a lot to me, it does, but like
i said, lets hold off to hav this convo l8er k?
lanianela724: ok, call em whever you have time
lanianela724: byes
Mazturblaker: ok i will
Mazturblaker: but i might not b able to
Mazturblaker: i hav tons of HW
Mazturblaker: and i hafta study for stewart
lanianela724: yea. well if you have time. if not we'll talk
2morrow or something
Mazturblaker: ok
Mazturblaker: that works