Nowhere man please listen. . . .
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2003-01-15 01:27:14 (UTC)

Welcome 1-14-03

Day one on the start of recording my life on the
internet. Safe? Who knows. Will a million people read
this. . . ? Most likely not, but a million people have
access to it, and thats always a comforting thought. :)

A day in the life of Jess Mullen isnt wat a lot of
people think it is, and I am determined to prove this.
Don't be too scared, it's not too intense(I hope)and
venture fourth if you are still up to it.

Everybody needs someone to talk to and have that other
person just listen. It's all on whether or not you ask
somebody fer these services. I will always be that ear
that will listen if one shall ask for it, and give advice
if it is needed. But once in a while I think I should be
the one doing the talking and have someone else do the
listening. You know, just to get shit off my back. . .

Ok, so I'm not talking to anybody imparticular, in fact
I don't care if nobody reads this. Or reads it it just
fer a larf (which is good too) but I'll be happy just to
(dance with you- oh haha sorry, Beatles humor)get this
shit out there and do my own thing, even if it's to
nobody. So nowhere man please listen. . .