Life and Death
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2001-09-11 02:25:49 (UTC)

I can't handle this...

How could this happen? It never happened the million other
times... but I guess I was already beating odds. I'll just
have to lie, I guess. If I tell, I'll die. If I really am
pregnant. Why doesn't he understand what these guys are
capable of? I saw them gun down a man in cold blood. They
shot him in the head, right there on the side of the street.
I watched the man die. There was blood everywhere. I know
what they could do and I know what they WOULD do. And that's
a lot. I can't fucking tell anyone. He has a distance from
it. He doesn't see the danger like I see it. He didn't SEE
THE MAN GET SHOT!! He thinks if I tell I'll just be fine. HE
can take the chance. It's MY fucking life on the line. So,
maybe they are bluffing. Can I afford to take that chance??
What's the chance that their bluffing if I saw them kill the
guy, just because he heard me screaming? All he did was hear
me screaming and he was dead in 5 minutes. I shudder to
think what they would do to me if I ever told. Because,
there are a lot of things worse than death. Things that
humans are capable of. The law only stretches so far, and I
usually slip through the sight of the public. I could
disappear beneath the water of the world with barely even a
ripple. Pulled into the dark underbelly, where law doesn't
exist. A sex slave in some fucked up world of criminals-
drug dealers and murderers- who's only way of getting off is
the suffering of others.