Rant with Shady
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2001-09-11 02:24:52 (UTC)

Mondays suck

I feel really down today. I overslept, one of my best
friends went back to Georgia after a *very* brief but
*wonderful* visit. (I'll miss you when you're in Egypt,
Josh!I love you!)I really wish I could have seen him before
he left so I could have said my goodbyes and such. Oh well,
I'll just have to wait until he comes back in two months.
I'll make up for it then. ;) Not everything is going bad
for me,though. I quit my part time job so I can have more
time at home and more time with my friends. Maybe then I
can recuperate.
I'm worried for my BF. Her Dad is in the hospital right now
for heart troubles and its stressing her out. I wish I knew
a way I could help outside of just "being there". maybe
I'll catch her online tomorrow. we need to get something
planned for Samhain coming up! Our coven is one of the bright spots
in my life and I cant wait for the next sabbat. Oh, if youre
wondering...I'm wiccan. :) I'll be talking about that quite a bit.
Until next time.

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