lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-01-14 23:50:22 (UTC)

leechy keen

well i am just thankful to be alive right now...i know it sounds
super-cheesy, but considering that i could have hit my head or my
spine on that cute little tree, i am doing pretty dang well. my back's
swollen and i guess i did some soft tissue damage, but my mom
said it'll probably heal in a month or two...and my left buttcheek has
been numb for three days but i consider that more of a benefit than
anything else. hahaha.

it's official. i am renting an island, shipping a few people out there,
and using some old-school red TNT to blow up the entire thing. of
course, it would be like cartoons where the people come back the
next episode, but all the drama from this episode will be entirely
forgotten and magically resolved. we'll see how that goes.

ooh i have stuff in the photo show on thursday that's pretty cute.
actually i have 2 things: the goldfish, which is the biggest joke of
my life; and this shot i took of meghan's eyes with infrared
film...pretty crazy. reminds me of "angel eyes". plus i put together
my whole portfolio and i feel so dang official now!! i'm excited to
do photo again next year...i think i'm gonna do photo, choir, and
sociology. and then english, spanish, anatomy, and whatever
history i have to do. oh crap...i have to fit in bible, too. man. well
there's obviously no room to take math so oh well. hehehe.

eight really cool things:
*justin deshields (yes, we're getting married)
*raspberry dreamy something ice cream...i dunno. come eat it
*no one knows (by queens of the stone age)
*please take me home (by blink 182)