The Rainy Day
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2001-09-11 02:16:29 (UTC)

over the weekend

Hola chicos...

This weekend started off really badly. I was supposed to
go visit a friend at WCU, which was gonna be really cool,
but on my way upto him, my car broke down near statesville,
and so i had to call my mom and tell her what happened.
she got really mad at me. so i got a tow truck to tow it
from states ville back to winston. i feel asleep in the
guys truck, b/c of how tired i was. I was afraid the guy
may rape me or something, but he didn't so all is good.
After the guy dropped me off at the mechanics, my mom
picked me up and she started yelling at me for trying to
skip a class. so then she took me back to school. on
thursday, and i skipped my chem class, b/c i didn't wanna
go to it, b/c we don't do anything in it. that night, my
friend justin, from WCU came by and we went to burlington
to goto a party. we met up with his cousin ryan and one of
his friends. We got to the party at like 1 am. We looked
around for free beer and we couldnt find any, so we bought
shots of tequilla. I drank 12 shots of tequilla and 3
shots of bacardi 151 in a period of like a hour. after the
5th shot, i had to lie down. then i felt like i was gonna
vomit, so i did. I felt so much better, so then i kept
drinking. After it died down ryan, that had also been
drinking, drove us to his house and i had to pee so i peeed
at a tree outside, after i zipped my pants up i started
walking to the house and then i feel down and couldn't get
back up, it was so fun. justin and ryan had to take me
inside. they put me on the couch, next to a trash can,
right before i went to sleep i threw up again, then i past
out, i think. Later on saturday justin held a party at his
house. After we got the alcohol and got back to his house,
his parents got back totaly drunk and they were like, can
we have some beer? after i got drunk there, some girl
tried to kill me. i passed out on justin's 1/2 sister,
sara, on her bed. Then this guy, lucas was cybering with
this guy online and he said that he was a guy and he fucked
him in the ass. Justin's father said that he was gonna
check on us to make sure we wouldn't have sex so the guys
were supposed to go to one room and the girls were supposed
to go to another. but we didn't and he didn't. If i think
of anything else today, then i'll write some more, but i
can't remember. Oh yeah, i talked to tiffani today for
like an hour. I think she was on somthing. but that was
pretty fun...... This weekend was pretty good.