Missing U
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2003-01-14 23:18:30 (UTC)

The first post

It's all in the title. Danielle 4got the password to live
journal so I am away from mi chicas. It's okay tho. I don't
mind this one. I actually like it. Today I had my english
midterm and I had fun! It was ridiculously easy!
Today I was so up and down! One moment I felt invincible
the next i felt like hiding in a corner. (No Philly 2day!
Daddy wants his darling little girl to study!) I am so
upset that I'm this crazy over something so dumb. We'll I
know that he is The One but i don't know how we'll be
2gether. I bet y'all ar etired of me sayin da same shit
over and over again but i can't help feelin this way. This
guy is just everything I could ever dream of. He's my price
charming. For my birthday all I really want is him. I
promise that we will be together as soon as I'm able to.
(The Eisley jersey also)
God please help the Knicks win tonight!