I have become comfortably numb
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2003-01-14 22:54:54 (UTC)

You Want A Sign

The Love of my life is hurtin
What can I do?
I try to help but I feel
Thoughts in my mind are
Tellin me that I'm not good
Enough to help him through this
Bad time
He wonders were this life
Leaves him
I think that in fact it leaves
Him with me
But maybe he doesn't need
Or want that
I can only hope and trust
With every inch of me
That I am his eye of want
And I am the one to help him
I keep tryin to prove my love
How it grows day after day
But I can't seem to explain
That I want him more and I love him
More, than I could ever even begin to say
SO how can I make him realize that I will
Always be here and that my love for him
Is still and will always be true?
I guess I will just have to show him
By doin what no one else done
And that is stick around
And not give up on him
And not let him give up on himself

Jeremy I love you baby, and I always will. I hope one day
I will show you there is no reason to doubt yourself. You
are beautiful inside and out and the best person I have
ever met. You mean everything to me, and I will never stop
lovin you.

Love Always,
Your Dark Angel