Life In Munchkin Land
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2003-01-14 22:16:38 (UTC)

Funny Freakin Days

Geezus! The last few days have been freakin
hilarious...From tyin to dance like Jlo to surfin down the
halls on carts durin study hall...Great times...Life is
suddenly gettin good...Im not sure why maybe its cuz of
Tamara! LOL!! My fat camp counsler buddy!! haha! Its
amazing what ya think of! Oh yea Bert-the potty buddy..Is
all better now to those of u wondering about him
haha...Anyways..Chris an i are getting along WOAH!
Haha...Abby............OMG! I seriously hate golf carts
and u drivin! thats scary stuff! Remember-look and see if
hes pitchin a tent! LmAo! that was freakin funny as
hell..I so should be a comidian..And I cant wait till
2marrow...Its gonna be the bestest.... ;)

Song of the day: "Just Beat It"--I thought this song was
good to use cuz ya know...Im a "tent Pitcher"

Gotta start my fat camp soon..I need some money!! LOL!!
Tamara....we are sooo mean!
I made a wish On Tamaras Make a Wish Foundation..I hope it
comes true..cuz hes really great..and i just think I DONT
KNOW WHAT I THINK!! I want him like i never wanted anyone!
I know Im sad..Im starting to sound like someone really
icky so ill stop now! I PROMISE TAMARA NO POEMS!!!!!


Quote of the day: "Im as confused as a baby in a topless
bar"--Jared (muh bud)

Well now i guess thats all...Cyas!


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