my simple small world
2003-01-14 21:54:43 (UTC)

tUrN mE oN mR.dEaD mAn

today was a fairly slow day at school...
it was an academic day so that's probaly why.
But on academic days I get to see alan alot more, so they
aren't that bad.
at the end of the day aaron raced floyd on downsville pike.
I, for some reason, was caught in all this and sitting in
the backseat of aaron's car holding on to my stomach so my
daughter wouldn't be crashing in to the uterian wallls.
(It was my only ride home)
aaron lost miserably, which was to be expected (his small
broken down jetta)....
But I still don't understand the male obbsession with cars
and racing and all that other maddness.
I really like doing auto body work, but I'm still not
obsessed with cars.Male obsession with cars is rather
I'm going to go now.....get ready to leave.(it's my
stepdad's birthday, so I'm gonna go to dinner with my
family.Normaly I wouldn't be so cooperative, but there is
almost no food in the house, and I'm straving...)