Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-09-11 01:32:51 (UTC)


Which college should I pick.. hmm.. I'm seriously thinking
about just puttin them in a hat and drawin one. It's so
hard. I try and picture myself going to one college, then I
think "But, wait, I would miss out on this at this
college." Then I picture myself going somewhere else and I
think "Man, I would really like to do this at that
college." It's ridiculous. I mean, I don't have any major
factors I'm considering.. I don't have a "rare" degree I
want to major in.. I know people at every college so..
that's not really an advantage. They're all pretty far
away.. and well.. they're all christian schools.. so pretty
much, I'm gonna have a blast, no matter where I go. I know
I should look at that as a positive thing, but I dunno..
sometimes I just wish it was cut and dry. Or better yet, I
just wish someone else could make my decision for me. Yeah,
tough luck Tarah. It's all up to you now. Great. This is
going to be fun.

But, just for fun.. if anyone has any positive/negative
things to say about a college I've mentioned.. please..
feel free to let me know. I mean, I'm all up for
suggestions and/or opinions. Thanks.