A New Hope
2003-01-14 20:38:25 (UTC)

A New Hope

Rachel is gone. Out of my life, forever. Only one problem...

... - Mike.

He says he won't get emotionally attached, but.. He already
is. He doesn't think he is. That bitch deserves to die.
She's playing him. Hannah can see it. I can see it. He just
won't. He says he needs proof from her, that she's a bitch.
She treated him like shit - what more proof does a man
need? Now, she's 'nice'. Nice to him, heh. I'm not finished
with rachel. A few more things need to be said. After that,
I start my life a-fresh. With the movies coming up, and
Cosh, who... I think I'm in love with.. and I like danni
alot, too.. and.. well. I need to forget about Rachel. She
was way out of my league anyway. Now I mention it, Cosh is
too. In her ways.

No-one will read this.