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2003-01-14 20:23:47 (UTC)

Heavenly Dandruff

i read somewhere that an early roman poet referred to the
snow as 'furfur caelistis' which translates to 'heavenly
dandruff'. well, if this is the case then god is scratching
his head as i write. it's cold and blowing and i have been
back in ohio for exactly three months.

things could be better. im staying in a shelter here as my
wallet got lost and no id means no job means no money means
no place. thank god for public library terminals and online
journals where one can vent a little then cast his
meanderings off into the ether.

this is my first entry here. i plan to write every day, at
least until i get id rounded up and start working again.
funny knowing others might read these things; people i'll
probably never know or meet delving into the thoughts of a
person who might be a thousand miles or only a few hundred
yards away. if the entries ever seem broken or confused,
chalk up to fatigue. hell, if no one reads them, i can
still smile at the fact that spending time on a machine
like this sure beats the hell out of walking around and
talking to yourself.

i feel good today. no congestion, no hangover, no horrible
fits of ennui. it's almost time to head back for signup but
i did get this account set up and that should count for
something. welcome to my head, folks. i look forward to
spending time with you.

eric arden:somewhere in urban ohio